Welcome to Rising'sArk

RisingsArk first started out as a group of friends, and over the last couple of years the Discord expanded to over 150 like minded gamers from all kinds of different games. In the start of 2019 we decided to host an Ark server and because of this succes we decided to expand our server in to a cluster.

We welcome all PvE play styles.

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9 months ago

I have been playing in this server for about a month or so. Great community of people always willing to help out. Two different maps available for different play types.

9 months ago

Rising's Safehouse has a friendly community and admins who are available and willing to listen to suggestions. The server has experienced very little downtime during my time here and is updated quickly.

I play from NA and haven't noticed any issues with latency. The different time zones doesn't seem to matter too much either as there are players from different time zones here. There's usually someone around on Discord if not in game.

It's a fun server! Come adventure with us and breed the rainbow.

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