PvP Valguero started 1-november

PvE Hope (Eternal Ark mod)


Important Multipliers:
XP x3 (pvp x2)
Harvest x4 (pvp x2)
Taming x5
Mating/Hatching/maturing/breeding x10


Check our modpack for the current mods running on this cluster:


Hosting Dedicated server technical specifications:
Custom Dedicated Server Hardware (Shared Hosting Game Server)
CPU Installed: Single i7-7700K, Speed of up to 4.7GHz.
RAM Installed: 64GB DDR4, Speed of 2400MHz.
Drives Installed: 2, 450GB NVME, Ran in Software RAID 1. (Faster than SSD storage)
Advanced Game DDOS Protection


France, Everyone around NL, UK, GER. has around 12 ping. US is around 30.