Support us now!

First of all, thank you for being here, I'm really enjoying the community. It’s been amazing surviving alongside old and new friends, and I hope we will expand even further with a cluster server in the future. The more the merrier!


We have big plans on expanding our community and give you, the survivors, a lot more opportunities to explore and discover.


As you all know we are running a premium ARK server and as you might expect this costs money. We have big plans in expanding it further in terms of adding a website, advertising it, creating/adding more (ARK only) bots to Discord + working our way up to making a cluster server. This is a long process and an expensive one (which is no problem if we are all having fun!).


Supporting the server gives you a visible role in Discord. Every tier goes directly to improving the ARK server and expanding. Eventually we aim to have a cluster of multiple servers. The supporters will get to vote how and in which way we will expand the server. The tiers also gives you some very nice items, such as armor, weapons, tools and even a full underwater set of armor and weaponry! Definetly worth checking out!


If you'd like to support us in running the server and expanding it even further. This is possible now. We have set up a Patreon website which you can find by clicking the Patreon logo.


Kind Regards

The Rising Valguero Team